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Wilmer Lecture for 2016

Welcome to our website, your online community for the humanities in Central Texas and the World! Here you can learn about our programs and other opportunities in our area that will enrich your life. Click Sara Speaks to hear from Sara Mackie, our director, about our latest news and events.

The Institute for the Humanities at Salado is a non-profit corporation offering educational programs and conferences in the disciplines of the humanities for its members and the general public. The Institute provides life-long learning opportunities to explore the ideas, history, literature and values that make up the human story. The purpose of the Institute is to increase knowledge, to stretch minds and to foster compassion in light of our rapidly changing world. Its goals are to promote the exchange of ideas and the search for wisdom.

The Programs of the Salado Institute consist of seminars and lecture/discussions throughout the year, organized around a single topic. The Brochures of the Institute list the programs in each topic. In addition, there are special events such as trips, tours, and public lectures. We have also conducted symposia on topics of major interest. Publications and recordings are available for purchase.

Some past program topics have included "Media and American Identity", "Science and Spirit: Our Place in the Cosmos," "The Wisdom Within Us, "Facing Evil" and "The Poetry of Listening". Although the programs are varied in their approach, the Institute consistently serves as a forum for its members to interact with outstanding speakers who challenge them to think beyond the everyday.

Once you have learned more About the Salado Institute , we hope you will want to join our organization and experience the mind-expanding opportunities we offer in Central Texas. Membership and Program registration forms are available on this website, or you may Contact Us for more information. Check out our Links to Other Sites and News from Other Organizations for information about Salado, Texas and about other organizations in our area.

"At a time in human history when values are being questioned and basic assumptions are being reassessed, when moral conflicts rise unbidden in almost every area of life, we will continue to offer opportunities for enlightenment and understanding."
Dr. Harry A. Wilmer, Institute founder
  Sara Speaks, 2016
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