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Programs of the Salado Institute

Program Series:
The Institute is dedicated to the greater consciousness of human concerns, relationships, institutions and organizations.  Since 1981, the Institute for the Humanities has been enriching the cultural and intellectual fabric of central Texas by serving as a forum for members to interact with world-class speakers and extraordinary people. These nationally recognized presenters from around the country come to Salado to engage in open and spirited dialogue with members of the Institute.  Our Past Speakers Archive  lists all of these presentations.  
The programs are usually devoted to a single topic for a series which may be a single year-long series or divided into a spring and fall series on different topics. Programs are also sometimes held in the summer. Details of each program are summarized in a Program Brochure.

The program series are usually held on three or four weekends each spring and fall, although some programs are held throughout the year. Lectures are usually held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, although programs may sometimes occur on a week day. The lectures consist of a one-hour presentation followed by a one-hour question and answer session. A reception and/or dinner with the speaker usually follows. Some “Lunch with the Speaker” events have also been added for some weekends. Please check the individual events listed for the upcoming season series for specifics dates, times and format. 
In addition to its regular program series, the Institute occasionally hosts symposia.  Some of these have had national impact.

Membership in the Salado Institute is no longer required to attend the lectures or seminars.. The program events are priced separately and may be reserved in advance or paid for at the door.   Please see Program Registration for more information about registering for Institute events.
Wilmer Memorial Lecture Established:

The annual Wilmer Memorial Lecture was established in 2005 to honor both the late Harry Wilmer and the late Hank Wilmer for their contributions to the Institute. This new lectureship combines the Harry A. Wilmer II Lectureship, formerly held in January, with the Harry A. Wilmer III Memorial Lecture, always held in June.
Tai Chi master Chungliang Al Huang gave the inaugural Wilmer Memorial Lecture in 2005. Marilyn Tam was the speaker In 2006, and Dr. James Hollis was the presenter in 2007.
Lecture History:
The Harry A. Wilmer, III Memorial Lectureship was established in 1998 in memory of Harry A. Wilmer III, a past member of the Board of Trustees and the Institute's Financial Advisor. A banker by profession, Hank Wilmer was killed in an automobile accident on October 24, 1997.

Jeffrey Burton Russell, Professor of History and Religion, Emeritus, the University of California, Santa Barbara gave the first lecture on June 7, 1998. His topic was "The History of Heaven." Other speakers in the series have been Martin Marty, director of the Public Religion Project at the University of Chicago, Ann Ulanov, of the Union Theological Seminary of New York, Betty Sue Flowers, of the L.B.J. Presidential Library at the University of Texas at Austin, Thomas Kirsch, Jungian Analyst, and Naomi Shihab Nye, poetry instructor, author and Dr. Abraham Verghese.
The Harry A. Wilmer II Lectureship was established to honor the Institute's founder, Dr. Harry Wilmer. The first lecture took place on January 25, 2004. Guest presenters were Doctors Kim and John Van Cura and the title of their presentation and performance was "I Remember It Well: A Lifetime of Music, Meaning and Memories."

The second, annual Harry A. Wilmer, II Lectureship was held on Jan. 23, 2005. The highly acclaimed, made-for-TV movie People Need People was the subject of the event. That movie featured a dramatization of Dr. Wilmer’s pioneering work with group therapy, and was followed by commentary and discussion with Pam Marvin, wife of the late star of the movie.

With the death of Dr. Harry Wilmer, the Wilmer family and the Board of Trustees decided to combine the two lectureships into one memorial lecture to be held on the first Sunday in June each year.

Programs of the Salado Institute

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